Our Story

Ever since we founded Sonoma Cider in 2013 we've dreamed of building a taproom in the heart of Sonoma County where we could continue to spur on the craft cider movement as well as build a home for Sonoma Cider fans near and far. That dream is now a reality and it's better than we ever imaged. What once was a warehouse storing packaging materials and glass, turned into our 7,300 square-foot fermentation, event and tasting room space. Located just a block south of Healdsburg Square, we are thrilled to be part of a community where craft, authenticity and enjoyment reign supreme.

So now, it's time to party. A huge variety of our craft ciders will be on draft - including your favorite Limited Runs, Cidermaker Reserve ciders and a collection of our Micro-release ciders that are exclusively available at our taproom. We also have a cocktail menu featuring our award winning organic apple brandy. Come join us for lunch or dinner to enjoy some specially selected dishes that we feel pair great with our crafted creations.

Our event space will host live music, comedy, & new release parties and is also available for private events.

The Taplist

Tap #1 - The Hatchet - Sonoma Cider
6% ABV, Brix: 2.5

Using a unique blend of Pacific Northwest apples, we hand craft each batch to bring out fresh, ripe apple aromas, carefully pairing sweet and tart varietals to ideal effect. The result is a clean, refreshing hard cider with noticeable complexity and a lively finish.

Tap #2 - The Pitchfork - Sonoma Cider
6% ABV, Brix: 2.7

A blend of organic apples with our proprietary vacuum distilled organic pear reduction. Hand-crafted to bring out fresh, ripe apple and pear aromas and allow the natural crispness to balance and elevate the bright, complex fruit flavors. A clean, refreshing hard cider with a smooth, creamy pear finish.

Tap #3 - The Anvil - Sonoma Cider
6% ABV, Brix: 2.5

Organic apples blended with our proprietary bourbon extract provides a malty caramel flavor with a crisp apple finish. The slight bourbon kick on the tongue is reminiscent of a sophisticated Boilermaker.

Tap #4 - The Washboard - Sonoma Cider
Sarsaparilla Vanilla
5.5% ABV, Brix: 2.5

Blend of apples from Washington, organic sarsaparilla from India, and Madagascar Vanilla. Herbaceous and dry with a long lasting creamy finish. Reminiscent of root beer without the sweetness.

Tap #5 - The Wimble - Sonoma Cider - Limited Run
Rhubarb Gose
5.5% ABV, Brix: 0.2

We take our dry organic cider, kick up the tartness with a splash of rhubarb, and finish with a pinch of lactic acid and salt to fire up the salivary glands and leave people begging for more. A new American cider twist on a classic German sour beer.

Tap #6 - The Crowbar - Sonoma Cider - Limited Run
Habanero Lime
6% ABV, Brix: 1.1

Blend of bone dry organic hard cider with fresh organic lime juice and fresh-juiced habanero peppers. Fresh bright pepper on the nose and hints of heat through the finish. Notes of coriander add complexity and
depth throughout.

Tap #7 - The Pulley - Sonoma Cider - Limited Run
Absinthe Style
6% ABV, Brix: 1.3

Pleasant anise aroma on this absinthe style cider. Reminiscent of mild black licorice at first, followed by a fruity fresh apple finish.

Tap #8 - The Cutter - Sonoma Cider - Limited Run
5.5% ABV, Brix: 2.25

The Cutter captures the best of fresh baked gingerbread - bright, light aromas of ginger, with well-rounded notes of molasses and spiced baked apples in the body. It's the perfect companion for the holiday season. Believe us, you're going to want to run, run, run as fast as you can to order one of these!

Tap #9 - The Sleigh - Sonoma Cider - Limited Run
Winter Spice
5.5% ABV, Brix: 2.5

Allspice, cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg - the perfect combination of seasonal spices. Add our organic apple cider and you've got the holidays in a bottle. With aromas of warm apple pie on the nose, followed by buttery cinnamon notes in the body, this one is sure to conjure up some Yuletide memories.

Tap #10 - The Jax - Sonoma Cider - Limited Run
Breakfast Cereal
6% ABV, Brix: 1.6

Toasted grain & apple-cinnamon aromas invite you to sip this honey sweetened, full-bodied cider. Tart apple flavors finish with cinnamon CO2 bursts that dance across the tongue. Lingering toasted grain notes invoke memories of early morning cartoons in PJ’s.

Tap #11 - The Imperial - Sonoma Cider - Cidermaker Reserve
Aged and fermented in whiskey barrels
10.3% ABV, Brix: 2.5

Our fresh organic juice blended with eucalyptus honey and fermented together in whiskey barrels for 6 months. The resulting cider is dark and full-bodied with lots of rich whiskey sweetness that finishes somewhere between imperial cider and brandy.

Tap #12 - Sour Fuji - Sonoma Cider - Cidermaker Reserve
Aged in French Oak barrels
6.5% ABV, Brix: 0.3

This cider is light, clean, and sour. 100% Fuji juice, fermented completely dry, then put through malolactic fermentation in barrels. We let this baby go far! It’s sharp and beautiful like a samurai sword.

Tap #13 - Bananaweizen - Sonoma Cider - Micro-release
Dry apple cider fermented with organic bananas and hefeweizen yeast
5.4% ABV, Brix: 2.5

Organic apple juice fermented with hefeweizen yeast and bananas. Tangy tropical start with hints of passion fruit and pineapple with a smooth yeasty finish like a dried banana chip.

Tap #14 - Dry Golden Delicious - Sonoma Cider - Micro-release
Dry barrel-aged single varietal
6.7% ABV, Brix: 0.5

Wonderful natural acid present in Golden Delicious apples comes through making it bone dry, sour, and tart. Th apples are picked while they are still green to provide more acid. The orchards surround De La Montaña vineyards. Our employee’s go-to session cider.

Tap #15 - Hopped Cider - Sonoma Cider - Micro-release
Dry hopped with citra and mosaic hops
5.9% ABV, Brix: 0.5

The citra and mosaic hops really pop in this extremely dry cider. Notes of passion fruit and citrus shine with the fresh apple crispness.

Tap #16 - Gravenstein - Sonoma Cider - Micro-release
Single-varietal semi-dry cider
6.5% ABV, Brix: 2.3

The native apple of Sonoma County, the Gravenstein is very distinctive – pithy, pulpy ripe apple quality, balanced with really high fruit notes and strong acid backbone. Apple peel finish provides a subtle tannic note.

Tap #17 - Bananaweizen - Sonoma Cider - Micro-release
Fermented with hefenweizen yeast and bananas
5.4%ABV, Brix: 2.5

Tangy tropical start with in-your-face pineapple and hints of passion fruit. Smooth yeasty finish like a dried banana chip.

Tap #18 - Westcider - Sonoma Cider - Micro-release
Pink Permains, Winter Banana, Mac Mystery, Crispin, and Baldwin Striped Gentleman picked at Porque Ranch in the Russian River Valley
5.7% ABV, Brix: 2.0

Multiple apple blend, also called an orchard blend, from a small 2 acre orchard on Westside Road - SW of Healdsburg. These 20 - 30 year old tress produce different varieties of heirloom apples. Bitter sharp notes from the Pink Permain apple balance nicely with the sweet fruitiness from the Winter Banana apple.

Tap #19 - Winter Banana - Sonoma Cider - Micro-release
single varietal, winter banana apple
6.9% ABV, Brix: .7

A full bodied semi-sweet hand picked at a local Healdsburg farm and hand pressed in house. Caramel, pepper, and banana aromas lead to a flavor of fresh apple skin with mild honey notes. Finishes dry.

Tap #20 - Hyperion - Fogbelt Brewing Company
Local Red Ale
7% ABV

Pine and citrus hop aromas backed by rich roasted malt. Hyperion is the world's tallest known tree at 379 feet! It is growing in an remote area of Redwood National State Park.

Tap #21 - 805 - Firestone Walker Brewing Co.
Blonde Ale
4.7% ABV

A light, refreshing blonde ale created for the California lifestyle. Subtle malt sweetness is balanced by a touch of hops,creating a versatile beer with a clean finish.

Tap #22 - Little Sumpin' - Lagunitas Brewing Company
Local Sumpin' Ale
7.5% ABV

Way smooth and silky with a nice wheatly-esque-ishness. A truly unique style featuring a strong hop finish on a silky body. A hoppy pale wheat ale that is great for IPA fans but so smooth that the hefeweizen fans dig it too.

Tap #23 - Henhouse IPA - Henhouse Brewing Company
7.9% ABV

Local IPA from Petaluma, CA.

Tap #24 - Death & Taxes - Moonlight Brewing Co.
Black Lager
5% ABV

A San Fransico-Style Black Lager. Deceptively light-bodied and highly drinkable. Drinks like iced coffee with a different effect.