Limited Run
Sonoma Cider - The Jax

The Jax Breakfast Cereal

The whole traveling back in time thing is a bit tricky – since it’s impossible for Robert to relive his childhood he decided to send our taste buds back instead. Dry cider and juice are blended with a prepared “cereal tea” and honey to create this liquid magic. Pairs perfect with Apple Pie a la Mode, friend chicken and waffles and Saturday morning cartoons.Key ingredients: Organic apples, organic cinnamon, organic gluten free buckwheat, organic honey

  • Available in 12oz 4-pack, and on draft
  • Alcohol: 6.0% ABV
  • Residual Sugar: 1.6 BRIX; Off-dry
  • Flavor profile: Toasted grain & apple cinnamon aromas invite you to sip this honey sweetened, full-bodied cider. Tart apple flavors finish with cinnamon CO2 bursts that dance across the tongue. Lingering toasted grain notes invoke memories of early morning cartoons in PJs.
  • Secret sauce: 90’s nostalgia