Sonoma Cider - The Imperial

The Imperial Apple-Honey Wine

The Imperial isn’t our first born but it may well be our favorite. When offered a used whiskey barrel in 2014 we knew this was our chance to craft something completely new and different. Behold the king of ciders – we seriously almost put a crown on the label because we loved it so much. This cider brings out the best of the whiskey barrels it was aged and fermented in and has some sweet carmely notes from the added honey. It’s a match made in heaven, or Healdsburg, it’s two in the same to us.

  • Key ingredients: Organic apples, organic honey
  • Available in hand-wrapped 500ml bottles, and on draft
  • Alcohol: 10.3% ABV
  • Residual Sugar: 0.0 BRIX; Dry
  • Flavor profile: Dark and full bodied with lots of rich whiskey sweetness that finishes somewhere between imperial cider and brandy
  • Secret sauce: Whiskey barrels, duh.