Limited Run
Sonoma Cider - The Crowbar
Limited Run

The Crowbar Habanero Lime

Hot and cold. Sweet and tart. Ice and fire. Down and dirty (figuratively speaking). Damn right this is The Crowbar—it pries open your taste buds and then hits them upside the head. Fresh organic limes. Crisp organic apples. And hot, hot organic habaneros.  That’s all there is to it, except for what happens in the can. Yeah, it’s in a can, because this hard cider travels. No matter where you take it, The Crowbar will take you even further. But you better do it soon, because when this limited-run flavor is gone, the fiesta is finito.   

  • Ingredients: organic apples, organic habanero peppers, organic limes
  • Available in 12oz 4-pack and on draft
  • Alcohol: 6% ABV
  • Residual Sugar: 0.5 BRIX; Dry
  • Flavor profile: habanero heat, tart and tangy limes, crisp and supple hard cider
  • Secret sauce: sort of obvious, don’t you think? It’s a fiesta in a can. Enough said


Just a few drops of juice from these organic habanero peppers gives The Crowbar a delightful bit of heat