Sonoma Cider - Apple Brandy

Apple Brandy

With our organic Apple Brandy, we’re taking cider to a whole ‘nother level. We start with the perfect blend of organic apples, ferment them dry, double distill to concentrate and collect the flavors, and then finally age for a year in small, American-oak, medium-char casks. The result is a unique, incredibly smooth, organic apple brandy.

  • Key Ingredients: Select organic apples from the Pacific Northwest & love
  • Available in hand-labeled, wax-sealed 375ml bottles
  • Alcohol: 42.5% ABV (85 Proof)
  • Residual Sugar: 0.0 BRIX; Dry
  • Flavor profile: This Calvados inspired brandy has an amazing smoothness on the palate with warm notes of cinnamon backed apples with a touch of honey and vanilla on the finish.