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Our Line-up

You can’t fake it. Honesty in, honesty out. We use fresh juice from tree ripened apples. No concentrates, ever. Beyond that, we hand select small, organic apples. We find the most vivid, concentrated flavors live there. Then it’s a question of balance. Each cider starts with a vision – an idea nursed, through artist’s alchemy, to fruition. Generous doses of time, trial and expectation yield all-natural, certified organic ciders. Intentional choices. Just rewards. Available in three surprisingly distinct flavors, apple, bourbon and pear, they’re our children. Sonoma’s children. Intense labors of love. We, naturally, can’t pick a favorite. That’s your job.

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Sonoma Cider - The Hatchet

The Hatchet Apple

Organic apples work harder to make it through the growing season. They’re smaller, and much more expensive, but they give us the intensity we crave. As our accountant winces, we hope you’ll smile.

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Sonoma Cider - The Pitchfork

The Pitchfork Pear

Pear cider? Sure, but only if it starts with fresh, bright apples. Apple integrity + pear personality = crisp, ripe and creamy.

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Sonoma Cider - The Anvil

The Anvil Bourbon

When we spiked an organic apple cider blend with our proprietary barrel-proof bourbon flavor, we knew we found the sweet spot. Is this smoky enough for you?

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