Our story officially began in 2013 through a unique father and son partnership. Sharing an entrepreneur’s curiosity and deep passion for beverages, David and Robert Cordtz set out to reinvent the cider category. David, a celebrated cidermaster and winemaker, has had a nearly lifelong passion for beverages made from naturally grown and harvested ingredients. He has been lauded for his highly refined palate and ability to create unique and high quality flavor profiles. His son, Robert, has been learning the business of beverages from his veteran father for as long as he can remember. In creating Sonoma Cider alongside his father, Robert brings a fresh perspective, a knack for creating things, and is fond of questioning the status quo. As VP Operations and Cidermaker, Robert’s creative streak keeps his dad on his toes as he is constantly infusing new approaches and ideas to the business. Together they make Sonoma Cider anything, anything but run of the mill.

Meet the Team

David CordtzRobert Cordtz
Photo of David Cordtz

David Cordtz

CEO & Founder

A longtime force in Sonoma’s artisanal community, David has followed a course of uncompromising craft across a spectrum of wine, Kombucha, sparkling juices and hard cider. David is the former CEO of Vibranz Tea, founder and CEO of Sonoma Sparkler, and winemaker at Cordtz Brothers Cellars, in addition to having spent years in the fine wine cellars of Fetzer and Schramsberg. David serves on the board of the U.S. Association of Cider Makers.

Photo of Robert Cordtz

Robert Cordtz

VP Operations & Founder

Robert Cordtz is VP Operations. Growing up in the business, he got a first hand education alongside his father.  Then came the craft brew years. Trading pints with California’s core micro-brewers, their obsession and jazz-like improvisation rubbed off.  His biggest asset comes as organically as the apples he prefers: a tinkerer’s curiosity with how things work. Ideas are always percolating.  But so are solutions.  He restored vintage bottling equipment then melded it with cutting edge technology into a creation uniquely his own. Like a lot of fellow hand-craft revivalists, Robert views every sacred cow of industrial production as something ripe for the tipping.